The ReposOnly test campaign enables you to test our SVN hosting and GIT hosting for one month free and without obligation . With this package you get everything you need for your projects, including an easy-to-use web interface for creating and deleting as well as managing the users, groups and rights of your Subversion and GIT repositories. 1,000MB of storage space is available with this package for your repositories.

    Your repositories are located on our highly redundant enterprise platform and are accessible to you and your team from anywhere. The daily backup additionally protects your data. Of course our servers are in Germany.

    The number of repositories, developers or groups that can be created is unlimited with our reposonly packages . Only the storage space provided is the limit. When you reach your storage limit, that's not a problem. An upgrade to a higher package is possible at any time.

    0,00 €*
    incl. 19% VAT

    What happens after the test?
    You will receive an email after the trial period of one month. If you want to continue using the package, you can book the corresponding fee-based service package (the scope of the test package corresponds to a ReposOnly Micro for € 2.49 / month including VAT). Otherwise nothing changes for you. Your data and access data are retained and you can continue working without interruption.
    If for some reason the package should not appeal to you, simply reply to the mail and tick "The package should be deleted". Then the package will be deleted and you will not incur any costs. If we do not receive a response from you, the package will also be deleted.

    *) After the trial period, you can delete the package or convert it into a paid version. The scope of the test package corresponds to a ReposOnly Micro for € 2.49 / month including VAT.

  • Kostenloses SVN/Git/Web Testpaket:

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