It is of great importance for software developers, to not only have the actual state of the project at sight, but also earlier stage, for verifiying, who has made what kinds of changes, for example. To ensure this, web-based version management systems like subversion (SVN) or Git are used nowadays.

    from 2,49 €
    incl. 19% VAT
  • from 2,49 €
    incl. 19% VAT
  • If you want to save the expenditure of equipment and the care of a special server, you can find packages for your personal demands and needs, graded after several stages of necessities in our offer. Beginners comfortably use our Easy SVN/GIT-Hosting package, beginning from 2,49 € per month. The amount of storage space can be chosen felixibily. Advanced users or teams prefer our SVN/GIT Webhosting packages from 2,99 € per month. In order to make a flawless working process possible, web based applications like Bugtracker, project management and others can be booked and combined with the repository.

    Demanding customers with special standards or very high power demands find suitablae solutions with our SVN/GIT servers. They are available as Vservers or physical servers, as demanded and start from 54,95 € per month already.


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