Online-Shops put high demands on their shop hosting for their very flucutation extension of utilisation. To meet these optimally, we use especially configured virtual servers and cloud servers. In particular, the widespread Magento for more extensive shop systems, which is a clear advantage. Of course our servers are as suited for Magento, os commerce, xt:commerce, Shopware, oxid, Gambio and other shop systems.

    from 59,95 €
    incl. 19% VAT
    from 59,95 €
    incl. 19% VAT
  • With our managed servers you can completely concentrate on your business without having to deal with technical details. We only use actual brand hardware, that allows a flawless operation and a high availability.

    In order to meet the different shop dimensions and demands, we offer different virtual servers and cloud servers. The advantage of the cloud servers is, that you can book and remove adaptably additional ressources like CPUs or memory.  Like this, you master need peaks like christmas shopping or publicity campaigns without paying the long term for not exhausted supplies.

    Our virtual shop hosting servers offer a optimal enviroment for small and medium-sized shops with their guaranteed ressources. Prizes start at 69 € per month. A richly main storage (from 4 GB) drive space ( from 250 GB) and traffic (at least 3000 GB) are included.

    You can book our cloud servers in single and mirrored version including FailOver function. This is important for every well-visited shop in order not to loose any turnovers. Two CPU cores with 2 GHz of tact frequency, 2 GB of main storage, 50 GB of record place and 500 GB of data transfer, for prices from 95,13 euros per month are quite included in basic equipment.

    For special demands, you can also receive on inquiry dedicated servers, loadbalancing, clustering and CDN (only for cloud servers and dedicated servers in each case).


Do you have any questions about our offers or do you have a technical problem? Our support team is at your disposal at any time.
We look forward to you.

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