If you have to deal with high data volumes, or your system requires make it necessary, we provide you with complete servers for your use only. They are available as root or managed servers. Optional you may obtain further features like daily backups or a FailOver system. For beginners wie offer Vservers, running in a special enviroment with 100 GB storage from 19,95 € per month. For high demands of power we offer physical servers, equipped with brand hardware only for ensuring stabile working. You reach a new dimension of performance equipped with at least 250 GB storage from 129,00 € per month.

    from 16,99 €
    incl. 19% VAT
    from 16,99 €
    incl. 19% VAT

If your demand of power is very fluctuating due to seasonal events like christmas for example, a CloudServer might be the right choice. Whenever needed, you can add or remove additional storage, power, etc. This grants that you just have to pay for what you really need. We happily set up a concept for you, that enables you to benifit from this amount of flexibility from 49,00 € per month.


Do you have any questions about our offers or do you have a technical problem? Our support team is at your disposal at any time.
We look forward to you.

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