The VGIT300 is a GIT hosting package with 150GB storage space. For just 54.90 euros / month including VAT, you will receive a powerful package for your Git projects. The number of projects and users is unlimited with all Git hosting packages and is only limited by the storage space.
    If you reach the storage limit, you can easily upgrade to a higher package.
    Your projects are on our highly available enterprise platform and are saved daily.
    All servers are located in Germany and are therefore subject to the strict data protection regulations of the GDPR and the BDSG

    54,90 €
    incl. 19% VAT
What you get
  • GIT Hosting

    An important factor in programming is for sure a good version management. Thus, it is easily possible to search in old versions stands for changes or to develop something with the team. With your LCube GIT hosting package you have everything you need to work efficiently with Git projects. Childishly simple you can create with a Webfronted users and organizations and can assign corresponding rights to repositories.

  • High-availability servers

    High-availability servers for almost 100% server availability!
    Our hosting servers are configured as a high-availability cluster system. Two machines balanceeachother all the time continously. If one machine fails, for example because of a hardware malfunction, the second machine takes over almostpresently all tasks. By this, a failure due to a server defect is almost impossible and the availability is considerably increased.

  • Commercial use

    All our packages are intended for commercial use. However, it does not matter if you use the package private or commercial. With the LCube packages you are always positioned perfectly.

  • Location of server


    Our server of LCube is in Germany, which means that the German data protection act applies.

  • Storage

    150 GB

    To save data on your Web package you need of course storage space. We from LCube therefore save all data on high quality media and storage systems, just from brand manufacturers. That means if it comes to a failure in one component, all data survives and is still accessible. Therefore, you do no have to fear any losses or additional work to restore the data.

  • Traffic


    So that the data and your webpage are reachable, it is necessary first to transfer the data. This transmitted data is called traffic. All packages that we offer have enough traffic, that you are able to work carefree. The data center is connected with different providers, so that the data can be transferred in case of a failure or problems with the load factor.

  • GIT repositorys


    With GIT you can save all your changes on the source text in the database. This database is called the repositories. The advantage is that different users can access the repository. Because with GIT for sure every user will have a local copy of the complete database on his computer. Any number of GIT repositories you can create and manage at LCube.

  • Developeraccounts


    Every programmer should be able to access the repositories with a private developer account. However, some providers work here with limitations. Not at LCube. Because with us the number of developer accounts is completely unlimited. Here it does not meter whether you accessing with only one or with 100 developers into your repositories. At Lcube it is always the same price.

  • SSH access

    To access your git projects there are different possibilities. There is a distinction between HTTPS and via SSH with public/private key authentication.

  • GIT Webbrowser

    In order to access without a locally installed client to your repository, we have installed a GIT Webbrowser. The web interface offer you the possibility to view your data and the version without using the client. Of course, it is necessary to enter the correct user data as well.

  • Backup


    In the EDP backup of data is the essential thing. Because only those who regulary backup their data are protected against a complete data loss. However, redundancy is often mixed up with data backup. But here the data of one hard disk system is only mirrored on multiple disks. If accidentally data was deleted or damaged then all mirrored disks are affected. So it is absolutely necessary to preform a regular data backup. To offer you maximum security the backup of LCube is done in an independent data center of an other company situated at the other hand of Hannover.


Do you have any questions about our offers or do you have a technical problem? Our support team is at your disposal at any time.
We look forward to you.

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