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    Mainly, the loading times of websites are negatively influenced by two factors: The complexity of the website and the amount of vistors. If a website reacts only slowly and hesitating to mouse clicks and entries, the user will quickly adress to other targets. Especially online-shops are endangered by that.

    Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a helpful tool against long loading times. In simplicity, long-lasting contents like elements of design, videos and other content are re-located to several server locations which reduces loads from the server. The benefit from CDN is the higher, the more frequented a website is.

    For your web prssences, we offer two different versions of CDN for dedicated servers and cloud servers.

    Edge Caching

    The static content of your website is spread worldwide over a network of strategically placed servers. If accessed, the content gets sent from the closest server by the CDN. Like this, the data transmission is spread and shared on wide range and access peaks get reduced. This ist benficial for streaming-contents especially. In background, the CDN internal comparission takes place ensuring, that all caching servers have the same content all the time. If one server fails, requests get automatically passed-on to the other servers in CDN. This ensures a higher availability in addition. This kind of CDN is interessting for you, if you expect a lot of international visitors on your site.

    Content Caching

    In this case, your statical contents are spread over a server network in Germany, esuring quicker loading of your website. This variation is interesting for visitors from the german-languaged area, making an international CDN unnecessary. By Loadsharing through CDN peaks also get reduced and loading times get shortened.

    Regarding the fact, that verifying which contents should be how spread into CDN is a very individual question, we work tightly together with you in this task. This is different from website to website. We work out the optimal parameters and settings for caching and delivery. On inquiry, we happily provide you with an individual offer.


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